8 comments on “50 Mule Team {Sundays in my City}

  1. I love the mules, Hattie is my favourite.  
    There are a few towns in the area I grew up in that are now home to cows that look like they could be best friends, if only I could find the photos of them too.

  2. I love these and I'm looking forward to seeing more. I was impressed by being able to roll my mouse over some and seeig the other side. I have no idea how you did that.

  3. I love how cities adopt these programs it is such a win win for everyone.  Of course the term “twenty mule team”  comes from the 18 mule and 2 horse teams that hauled Borax out of the Death Valley area in my state of California.  Great shots, looking forward to more.   

  4. I love these! In Pensacola, near where I live, we have pelicans statues. It's great to see how the themes are so imaginative and show off the regional character of each city. 

  5. I always love finding 'creatures' in towns… the creativity is awesome!! These are all most wonderful… the colors are so bright (on most of them). Great captures!

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